Who we are

The BE Refs are graduate students trained in conflict management by Conflict Management@MIT. You can directly contact an individual Ref or find us all at berefs@mit.edu. Note that REFS Trainees have completed the conflict management training yet, and are thus not available for confidential conflict coaching.

If you’re interested in joining the team, check out the application.

Ian Andrews
andrewsi at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 3rd year | Collins Lab
location Broad

Molly Bird
Molly Bird
mbird at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 4th year | Yaffe Lab
location Building 76/Koch

Becca_REFS pic
Becca Black
rblack at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 2nd year | Grodzinsky Lab
location 500 Tech Square

Pablo Cárdenas
pcarden at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 1st year | Niles Lab
location Building 56

Jacqueline Gerritsen
jgn at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 3rd year | White Lab
location Building 76/Koch

Bianca Lepe
blepe at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 1st year | Collins Lab
location Building E25

Lauren Milling
lmilling at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 4th year | Irvine Lab
location Building 76/Koch

Caroline Werlang

cwerlang at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 3rd year | Ribbeck Lab
location Building 56

Faculty mentor & partners

The BE REFS team has a faculty mentor who advises the Refs and serves as a liaison with departmental faculty and staff.

Michael Birnbaum 
mbirnb at mit dot edu
Assistant Professor | BE
location 76-353/Koch Institute

Note: our faculty mentor is not specifically trained in conflict management and is not necessarily a confidential resource. If you are a BE student and would like to talk to a faculty member about your issue, we recommend reaching out to the Graduate Program Chair (Forest White), Department Head (Doug Lauffenburger), or Associate Department Head (Angela Belcher). 

BE REFS is partnered with the BE Communication Lab and the BE Graduate Board. We are part of the larger REFS program coordinated by Conflict Management@MIT.

Former BE Refs

Scott Olesen (2014-2016)
Souparno Ghosh (2015-2016)
Deena Rennerfeldt (2016-2017)
Georgia Lagoudas (2014-2018)
Tu Nguyen (2014-2018)
Claire Duvallet (2016-2019)