Who we are

The BE Refs are graduate students trained in conflict management by Conflict Management@MIT. You can directly contact an individual Ref or find us all at berefs@mit.edu.

If you’re interested in joining the team, check out the application.

Molly Bird
Molly Bird
REFS Trainee
mbird at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 3rd year | Yaffe lab
location Building 76/Koch

Claire Duvallet
duvallet at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 4th year | Alm Lab
location 500 Tech Square

Georgia Lagoudas
lagoudas at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 6th year | Blainey Lab
location Broad

Lauren Milling
lmilling at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 3rd year | Irvine lab
location Building 76/Koch

Tu Nguyen
lttnguye at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 6th year | Alm Lab
location 500 Tech Square

Deena Rennerfeldt
deenaar at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 5th year | Van Vliet Lab
location Building 8

Caroline Werlang
REFS Trainee
cwerlang at mit dot edu
BE PhD student | 2nd year | Ribbeck lab
location Building 56

Faculty mentor & partners

The BE REFS team has a faculty mentor who advises the Refs and serves as a liaison with departmental faculty and staff.

Angela Koehler 
koehler at mit dot edu
Assistant Professor | BE
location 76-361/Koch Institute

BE REFS is partnered with the BE Communication Lab and the BE Graduate Board. We are part of the larger REFS program coordinated by Conflict Management@MIT.